How to Add Icons to your Desktop on a windows 10 Pc to easily access the Apps and Folders 

Your Windows PC has a certain set of integral files, such as the Computer, User Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel folders.

Now, you can get to any of these folders at any time by finding them in the Windows Start Menu or by writing their name into the search bar. However, if you find yourself using one or more of them frequently, you might find it simpler just to add it to your Desktop instead. 

The Windows 10 desktop is a massively configurable place, and how many ways you can change the look and feel of it to turn it into your digital home is impressive. You can change the colour, wallpaper, transparency, folder color, size, shape, look, sound, and feel.

Some users A might like to keep their desktop clean and a fee of icons, while others need only a few of the most commonly used options available with one click. If you’re in the latter group, there are a few ways to add these clickable symbols to your desktop.

How to add icons to your document to Desktop on your Windows 10 PC

Step 1. Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows symbol at the bottom-left of your screen.

Step 2. Select the Settings button.

Step 3. In the Settings menu, click “Personalization,” the icon at the upper left portrays a picture of a desktop pc and a paintbrush.

Step 4. From the menu on the left-hand side, select “Themes.”

Step 5. Under “Related Settings” on the right-hand side, click “Desktop icon settings.”

Step 6. In the Pop-up menu, choose the icons you want to appear on your Desktop from the checklist, then click “Apply.”

Step 7. After the process is complete, click “OK.”




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