How to Remove the Apps You Don’t Use on Your iPhone and iPad.

As we use our phones year after year or transfer everything over to a new device, a lot of us have gathered a catalogue of apps that we downloaded at one point yet haven’t really used in months (or years). Whether it’s failed social network, the companion app for the smart device you threw in the trash or  just Duolingo shaming you for giving up on learning Spanish, every one of these apps can occupy valuable space on our phone’s storage, clutter up our home screens, and, in worst case scenarios, even drain our batteries.
This article has a simple way to keep taps which apps you use the most and which ones have become redundant, adding unnecessary clutter to your home screen and eating up storage. Follow are the steps by step guide to figure out how to delete the apps that you don’t use. 

How to Identify and Delete Apps You Don’t Use

  1. Open the Settings apps on your iPhone or iPad.
  1. Tap General.
  1. Tap iPhone Storage.
  1. A list of all the apps (Including stock apps) on your iOS device will load in the order of size, with the biggest apps listed first. Scroll down and look at the Last Used: date under the title of each app. If it’s been a little while or months since you opened apps, or it says Never Used, then, at that point, consider uninstalling it – tap the apps in the list.

5. Two uninstall options are presented on this screen. Tap Offload App to empty the apps and preserve any documents and data (these are reestablished if you later reinstall the apps), or tap Delete App to remove the apps and all related data from your device.

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