What is Google Play Protect?

Google Play Protect is a free service from Google that helps protect Android
users from malicious software (malware) and security threats. Google Play
Protect scans your device and applications for known malware threats. If a
known threat is found on your device, it will attempt to remove it from your
device or disable it so that it can’t do any damage. Google Play Protect warns
you if a new threat is detected on your device and provides helpful suggestions
on what to do about the problem.
Google Play Protect is a security feature of the Google Play app store that
protects users from installing malware, viruses, and other harmful
applications. This feature has a built-in system for identifying and blocking
potentially dangerous apps. So, if an application is found malicious, it will not
be allowed to install on your device.

What can we do to avoid getting hacked?

Google Play Protect is an app that runs in the background. It looks for
suspicious behavior on the user’s device. This includes apps that install
additional apps without permission and ask for access to your private data
without telling you about it. It protects users from malware, malicious software,
spyware and phishing attacks. so users must not turn off this feature on your android devices.

You can check the security status by clicking on the app and going to “Settings

Security.” On the next screen, you will see if any known malicious software
(Malware) has been detected. You will see a list of items that Google Play
Protect found during the last 24 hours, including app installations and
attempted installs. You can also turn off the protection by going to “Settings >
Security,” clicking on “Apps,” and unchecking the box next to Google Play
Protect. You can also remove Google Play Protect from your device altogether.
Go to “Settings > Security,” click on “Device Administrators,” and follow the

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